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Going Out To A Loud Place With Your Baby?

Parents often stay home because of the fear that the city or that place they want to go is too loud for the baby. 

This is the solution to that problem! Take you baby anywhere and if it's too loud, jut put these earmuffs on and your baby will be protected!

Thinking that your baby will take them off? She will not. They are very lightweight and they do not put any pressure on the ears, so your baby will barely notice they are on. 

My kid knows it all you say? Then use them for when they fall asleep in a public place to reduce the noise around so you kid stay sleeping longer. 


  • High quality material: Made of PC, PU and noise reduction sponge, stable and comfortable;
  • Head-band design: Easy to wear, the position of earmuffs can be adjusted to meet different needs;
  • Cartoon animal shape: The animal cover of the head-band adopts cloth with soft material, lovely and soft to touch;
  • Three-layer structure; The shell, inner shell and cover plate are formed in one piece, stable and durable;
  • Anti-noise design: Actual sound insulation can be up to 30dB (three-layer construction), can protect the kid's ears effectively;
  • Wide applications: Suitable for large-scale activities and sports events, it helps protect babies from loud, harmful sounds.