Oh Tooth Fairy

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Can you still remember how happy were you when your baby got its first tooth?

Well, you will experience the same happiness when the tooth fairy comes to visit your child for the first time! And you better be prepared for that magical moment! This eco-friendly wooden box is ideal to keep all of you kid's teeth as they fall out. Your child will love to keep his/her teeth as if they were a real treasure.

Moreover, kids will learn along the name of each tooth, since every little hole is marked with its corresponding tooth name. It also features a tooth chart to keep track of your child's changing smile and/or to write special notes and dates!

  • Made of 100% wood,corrosion-resistant and durable,suitable for long-term dental storage.
  • Size: 12.3cm*12.5cm*3cm (4.8" x 4.9" x 1.2").
  • Style: Girl Image/Boy Image.
  • Package Weight: 170g.
  • The smooth contour keeps the kids from hurting their fingers.
  • Package includes 1 pieces of Tooth Box and 1 tweezer.
  • Tip: Please put the deciduous teeth in boiling water for about 5 mins to sterilize it, and make sure get it dries before you put it in the box.

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